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Authentic Pilates

A strong core brings everything together - beautifully.

This is one-on-one personal training using the classical, authentic Pilates method as taught by Joseph Pilates in his New York studio.

It is the most effective way to build core strength and flexibility—to create a lean, strong body and the foundation for a long, active and pain-free life.

This is "The Method" - a comprehensive, integrated and disciplined training framework that Joseph developed to keep elite athletes and dancers strong, flexible, mentally resilient and injury free.

The equipment in the studio is original Gratz, imported from New York. It’s more expensive than other equipment, but it was designed by Joseph himself in every detail. We have tried other equipment but nothing comes close.

Centred, authentic, effective and beautiful. 

Welcome to KOR Pilates.

Hours:  Thurs / Fri / Sat - 7AM to 12:00 noon
Private session (1 x 55 min): $80

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Authentic trainer

Antigone Panos, the principal trainer, is a highly qualified authentic Pilates instructor.

Antigone trained with Master trainer Cynthia Lockhard for over 1000 hours, and received her international certification from Romana Kryzanowska, who was trained and certified by Joseph himself.

In turn, Antigone has delivered well over 10,000 hours of training to her clients across two decades.

Having run a successful studio in Darling Point (Sydney) and mothered three beautiful children, Antigone brings enormous experience and great insight to her work.

Antigone searches for the authentic in everything she does. 

She has practised Iyengar Yoga for over 25 years with some of Australia's leading teachers. Her food is organic and her veggies and meat come fresh from local farmers. 

The meals she serves her family are getting more and more "old-school" featuring home rendered bone broth and cooking oils, fermented foods, sourdough bread, offal, slow-cooking etc...

This deep desire for authenticity is why Antigone is so committed to "The Method". Authentic Pilates is connected directly to the visionary man that developed it and has stood the test of time, unpolluted by individual ego or the need to cater to any fad or trend.

That's why it is called "Authentic". 


"Pilates training with Antigone went further than helping me get the body sculpting I wanted. The work gave me confidence and clarity in my day-to-day activities - and more.

Antigone is observant and connected; and she works at levels I did not expect. At one point, I was struggling with fertility issues that my doctors weren't able to diagnose. Of course, Antigone is not a medical professional, but because she was observing my body function and hormonal patterns so closely, she suggested a diagnosis which turned out to be correct, and which led to the conception of my beautiful child. How's that for a personal trainer?

Even after we moved, I continued to travel an hour each way to keep up my training with Antigone, right up until she moved to Melbourne. I recommend her without hesitation - Antigone is the real deal."

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"I started with Antigone in my late 50's because I wanted to be an active presence in my grand-children's lives.

After seven years with Antigone, my posture, muscle tone and overall fitness improved dramatically. I was stronger and more flexible and yes, I was happily spending loads of great time with the grand-kids.

I was impressed with both Antigone’s awareness and her knowledge. Her explanations of the exercises helped me perform at a higher level and her spirit, effervescence and sincere encouragement were priceless.

When Antigone was leaving Darling Point, she referred me to another wonderful authentic Pilates trainer, who I have been training with weekly ever since.

I walk away from every session feeling more confident and with a great sense of calm. I recommend both Antigone and the authentic method with all of my heart, and with enormous gratitude."


"I started Pilates at 38, after years of gym work.

I stayed with it because it transformed my approach to training, making the gym work even more effective and giving me the results I was after.

Along the way, Antigone helped me realise how disconnected I was to my own body by teaching me how to work ‘smart’. I learned to train, not with force, but quality.

In the entire three years of working with her, Antigone remained passionate, totally focused and uncompromising with her teaching.

Antigone is uncompromising... you have been warned."